The readings below are pertinent to the date of class which they are under.

4/18/12 Professor Hass

Poems by Hass

An Oak Grove by Hass

4/4/12 Race and Nature with Professor Giscombe

What’s Race Got to Do With It? by Finney (page 21)

The Flowers by Walker

Language by Dungy

3/21/12 Indigenous Perspectives

Tending the Wild by Anderson (Ch. 5 is the only requirement)

Spirit Names by Fahrlander (optional)

YellowWomanBeautySpirit by Silko

3/14/12 Eastern Influences

Tao Te Ching

Back Roads to Far Towns by Basho

Giscome Road by Giscombe

Heart Sutra by Kwan Um School of Zen

3/7/12 Routes, Roots, and Roads: A reflection on place, travel and identity

Walking by Thoreau

The Northernmost Road by Giscombe

3/4/12 Mt. Tamalpais Trip (Sunday)

A Mount for All Seasons by Gilliam

Circumabulation of Mt. Tamalpais by Snyder

2/29/12 Biological Inquiry II: The Animal in You

Clever Cells Just So Stories by Kipling (Read 1 or 2 of these short stories)

How the Scientist Got His Ideas by Barash and Lipton (optional supplementary article to the Just So Stories)

Aesop’s Fables (Read some of these short stories):

Ecological and geographical scale: parallels and potential for integration by Sayre (Optional reading- skim abstract if you have time!)

2/22/12 Biological Inquiry I: Classifying Nature

Thinking Like a Mountain by Leopold

The Order of Things by Foucault

2/15/12 Politics of the Wild

Dispossessing the Wilderness by Spence

Class and Environmental History by Jacoby

2/11/12 (Muir Woods Field Trip on Saturday)

Windstorm in the Forests by Muir

Man’s Place in the Universe by Muir

Muir’s History (Read Intro Only)

Muir Woods National Monument Site (Just FYI)

2/8/12 What is Nature? Sex’s role in Nature

Is Female to Male as Nature is to Culture? by Ortner

Green Women by Walker

The Map by Bishop

2/1/12 What is Nature? Our Conceptual Terrain

Ideas of Nature by Williams

Is Nature Real? by Snyder

Wordsworth, Snyder, Tennyson Poems on Nature


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