To the botanist, Leaflets are tiny leaves within a compound leaf. In our class, Leaflets are the dewdrops of your imagination–the words that you select to describe an experience. A Leaflet may be poetry, short fiction, or any other word cluster. Together, over the semester, we will accumulate a tree of Leaflets, and publish them in an anthology for friends and family.

These into naturewritingberkeley@gmail.com and herawu@gmail.com! They will be published here!

Blueberries by Katya Hawks

I want to talk about

The taste

Of a handful of blueberries

In early February.

They pop, and then there is the

Soft, sweet inside

So so so


They remind you of summer, perhaps.

But their perfection lasts only as long as you don’t think about

The story behind blueberries in winter,

Don’t think about the other hands that have touched

Those faded indigo jewels,

And how those hands belong to a face,

And that face to a person,

And that person to a dream.

Is your dream to pick blueberries?

Have you seen how far away Chile is on a map?

Muir Woods and Beach Reflection by Hera Wu

Muir Woods (The Redwoods):

Rustic complexion

Marred with age

Life so Ancient

No dialect to engage

Presence as sound as thunder

But mute and still as lumber


Muir Beach (The cliff):

A cliff itself exists agaze

watching, looming with troubled waters beneath

integrity, intentionality unphased

Birds above above glide easy and free

But the whelming sediment forever is bound.

A fault between two nondegenerate planes

connected, yet so disjointed.

Precipice stayed.


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